Conceptualized around the idea of potential interplanetary travel, this poster represents the figurative and literal path that could bridge Earth and Mars together. The exhaust smoke trailing from a space shuttle forms the shape of an infinity sign, linking the two planets in an infinite loop of communication.
Submitted into Project Mars Competition hosted by SciArt in partnership with Nasa and won a 3rd place award.
In the spirit of Halloween, I created this post based on the fictional Hex Girls band from the 1999 film Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost. The witchy elements like floating tarot cards, candles, and crystals relates to the band's theme while the color scheme and screen print effects update the aesthetic to late 2010s contemporary illustration. 
For an school assignment, the class had the task of creating a presidential campaign poster - whether that candidate was a plausible candidate or real person was up to the individual to decide. My poster presents Princess Peach from the Nintendo franchise trading her monarchy for democracy as a presidential candidate.
Based on the Korean Pop girl group subunit LOONA / ODD EYE CIRCLE, I illustrated an unofficial poster advertisement designed to promote their appearance on VH1. 
The poster references from several different motifs apparent in the group's music videos, but primarily draws from the member Choerry's music video for her solo song Love Cherry Motion, particularly the shot of her looking into a mirror and a tree entering her space through another dimension.
A poster for a fictional restaurant from my visual development STARLIGHT, which lacks an address, hours of operation, and even a name as the restaurant's secret nature is both a tourist trap to entice people to visit the city and to protect the value ingredients to create its fantastical menu.
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